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Accepting Payments should be the easiest part of your business, but unfortunately it can be a complicated process. We love to do what we do best, so you can do what you do best. It does not matter if you're an online merchant, retail storefront, operate overseas, or maintain your own software - we can streamline how you get paid so you don't have to worry. Best of all we can do it for less, ensuring that you're taking home what you process, not paying it in fees.

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Novemeber 13, 2011 | BLP Offers Quickbooks Integration.

Bottom Line Payments recognizes that while Quickbooks is an excellent account software, there fees for accepting payments aren't so friendly. We provide an alternative payment processing solution that integrates directly into QuickBooks. . . more>>

December 29, 2011 | BLP partners with Captive Customer

We don't want to just save you money, we want to increase your sales. We've partnered with CaptiveCustomer to bring you free database marketing solution . . . more>>

What Customers Say

picture "I was astounded when the guys at Bottom Line showed me how much I was overpaying in Credit Card Fees - $11,000 a year! Now I can actually breathe again. "

by: John S., CPA


picture "If I ever have a question I'm always able to get a straight answer that makes sense. I understand how taking different payments effects my profitability now. "

by: Fernando G., Restaurant Owner

Who We Are

We're a couple of normal guys who've been in the payment processing industry for several years. We just got tired of seeing business owners get taken advantage of again and again from companies who make what should be a simple service purposefully complex to hide extra fees. We decided. . . more>>